Why is URBNAI special?

You get to understand your business better and make money on top that with a private blockchain, private communications network, m2m authentication, interaction for human verifcation before completing blockchain transaction


Digital tokens generated by your businesses acting as discount tokens for customers.

Network access:Authorized access

Secure Blockchain

Use Blockchain for discounts not exchange of goods and reduce risk of Blockchain abuse

Able to comply with “Know Your Client (KYC)” and “Anti Money Laundering (AML)” banking regulations


Private Blockchain with trusted private m2m communications channel network

Pre-selected trusted validators

Welcome to your URBNAI. Join the revolution, become a key player not an actor in Blockchain for your business.

28 years plus experience in IT and Marketing enabling the best for SMARTCITY

Ravi Nataraju


20 years plus in IT Industry in India, UK and Europe

Hsiao Shan Shen


8 years plus in Digital Marketing in London and Taiwan

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